Therapy for Adults

For information on how I work, see here. For answers to questions such as ‘How long does each session last’, ‘How much do you charge’ and more, see the FAQ page .

Therapy can help you in many life situations, such as:

  • Stress
  • “Burn-out”
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Fertility issues
  • Grief, loss, bereavement
  • Cultural adjustments
  • Relationship difficulties (for couple counseling, see here)

Maybe you can’t identify what’s wrong; you just know you want to feel better, or realize you are being harmful to yourself or others. No matter what your concerns are, if you feel you cannot cope with your current life situation, call to get help.

About remote sessions (tele-mental health)

Many studies found that there were no statistically significant differences between Internet-based and face-to-face psychotherapy. I offer remote sessions, usually conducted via Skype, for:

  • People who live in locations where therapy in their language is not available
  • People who live in remote areas
  • People with limited mobility
  • Current patients who are out of town
  • Anyone who prefers to see me via screen (Covid has changed the way we do therapy)

American patients should be aware that because Skype communications are not encrypted, Skype is not HIPAA-compliant.