Couple Counseling

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Although most couples who seek counseling as a couple are spouses or life partners, couple counseling can help any two people who cannot listen to each other – for instance two siblings, a parent and a child, etc.

The need for couple counseling typically arises when the couple encounters a crisis or a change. This can be financial issues, a career change, infidelity, a cultural misunderstanding, and many other things.

Couple counseling cannot bring you back to a time (an idealized time, maybe) when the relationship was problem-free. My goal as a therapist is not to mediate or to judge bur rather to help you restart an open conversation, to bring awareness to how you communicate, and to establish new ways of communicating, outside the “blame game.” Ultimately, the goal is to better understand each other and to learn to care for each other.

If you’ve already decided you want to separate, couple counseling can help you make this happen respectfully.